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About Us

Dealing with 2020 was nothing short of a nightmare but it had a lesson for all of us – relish, enjoy and celebrate everyday. 

Cin Cin brings to you the joys of little things wrapped in clothes that brighten up even the gloomiest days. 

The roots of our brand are branched into every direction looking for inspiration around the world but we are greatly influenced by the Aesthetic Movement of the 19th century which led to bohemian lifestyle that embraced clothing of the past – clothing which was comfortable and soft, used fabrics coloured with rich vibrant and bright prints decorated with hand embroidery.

Our signature aesthetic is born out of imaginative creativity. It yearns for individual freedom, rejects modern materialistic concepts and dreams of utopian ideals.

Cin Cin to inclusivity, Cin Cin to culture, cin cin to comfort

Cin Cin to everyday!